Enterprise Software Development

Your business needs a reliable enterprise software solution to support your many operations. It needs to scale, coordinate other software and mobile apps, incorporate advance tech, and cover an extensive list of other objectives. We have the experience, tools, and technologies to create such demanding custom software.
  • Open Source Platforms

  • React Native

  • PHP

  • Python

  • SQL, MySQL, SQL Lite

  • Android/IOS

  • .NET

  • Angular

  • WEB Services , Restful

  • ReactJS/Redux

  • JAVA

  • C#

Use CRM software to further automate the sales process and increase efficiency of small to medium teams by automating follow ups, using email templates, call logging, activity tracking and workflow alerts. This not only improves the efficiency of the teams so they can ‘do more, with less’, but also reduces the time new team members take to learn your business processes. In addition SMBs can start automating and gathering more business intelligence from their marketing campaigns in that they can channel leads to their CRM and log the source of the leads and thus learn about the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives.
Oversee all important information for each department at a glance. Restrict visibility of sensitive information to just HR managers, or make other information public for all employees to see such as employee directory. Receive alerts for any new leave requests, allocation requests, applications, appraisals, and more.
Create and send professional invoices and receive payments online.
Send reminders to your debtors in just a few clicks. Simply set-up and automate follow-ups to get paid more quickly.
Automatically create invoices from sales orders, delivery orders or base them on time and material.
Easily create your earnings report, balance sheet or cash flow statements.
Quickly filter, zoom, annotate and compare any data.
Use business intelligence’s cubes to report across any dimension.
Get the most efficient stocking method and improve all your internal operations. Double-entry inventory has no stock input, output or transformation. Instead, all operations are stock moves between locations.
Use order points and automated RFQs to make your supply chain more efficient than ever.
Set up new stores quickly and easily with just an internet connection. Then use your Point of Sale everywhere, anytime.
While an internet connection is required to start the Point of Sale, it will stay operational even after complete disconnection.
Automatically input any transaction from the POS in the stock. You can see in real time the availability of products without losing time.
Milestones , Tasks , Gantcharts, Issues ,Timeline , Critical Path , Resource utilization , Kanban , Planned vs Actual and other modules help you organize complex projects into easily manageable units. Get more refined control by creating blueprints that automate your task’s workflow.
Document management and workflow management system that functions on a client or our server, and is ready to help all types of companies and institutions in managing their work processes: Finance, Human Resources, Commercial, Marketing, Legal and others. At any time in the process that takes place in the document management system, with the participation of different users and different departments, you will always have access to the entire history of the individuals involved, interventions that have been made, as well as related documents and e-mail, facilitating search and avoiding loss of time and information. This results not only in the continuous improvement of activities and processes in organizations, which makes them more efficient, but also by increasing productivity in different areas of business.

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